Bold Wedding: 5 Steps to a Dream with FIORI

Wedding is one of the most important and happy events in life, which you need to approach with special responsibility. Officially, the year of 2019 is recognized as the season of bold concepts and unusual weddings, and Fiori Company, an international company of floristics and decor, has prepared new solutions for the most exciting and vibrant day in life. In the center of attention: going beyond the framework, new meanings, where the old magic stories become a new background for the train of the bride’s wedding dress.

Fiori prepared a special surprise for the bride and the groom – now the choice of location for the wedding becomes a small holiday for two. The team proposes to change the tradition and make a bid for a bold and new wedding. The difficult choice among to the catalogs of the organizers is replaced by an unforgettable weekend in the ancient castles of Austria, which at any moment are ready to become the residence of happiness for two and the beginning of their new life.

Стандартная подпись картинки

Only three days of the weekend, where Fiori Team will take care of every little thing, every stage of the journey. So, what are the 5 steps to a dream?

Step 1

The first step to the wedding of your dreams is to meet the creative team in Fiori boutique on Bogomolets Street in the center of Kyiv. Just a few questions, and the organizers book a convenient date of travel, air tickets, transfer, hotel, dinner – everything you need. And even a little more. All that is needed from lovers is to relax and trust professionals.

Step 2

The journey has begun. In Vienna, the Fiori representative – the best guide to ancient castles meets a loving couple. First – the rest and flowers. The freshest bouquet by Fiori expects bride the, which will set the mood for the whole trip.

Then the little bit more appears – tickets to the famous Albertina, the Viennese gallery of graphic art. It is where the couple goes for inspiration, art, aesthetics, to get filled with the mood of the city where their love now lives. Walks through the narrow streets and large squares, music by Tchaikovsky in the center of Vienna, the famous Sacher cake in Sacher cafe, as well as all sorts of gifts that can be given to each other, expect the lovers.

Step 3

Comfortable shoes, flying dress, hand in hand – this is how a magical journey through five Austrian castles begins.

Most of them are located in the central districts of Vienna. The choice is huge, and you need to pay attention not only to the atmosphere and light in the ballrooms, but also to their capacity – castles, residences, garden palaces will comfortably receive both a small wedding for the closest 20-30 people and a magnificent celebration for 400 guests.

Thus, Ferstel Palace, designed by the young architect Heinrich von Ferstel between 1856 and 1860, can receive 300 friends and relatives. Thanks to a unique combination of elements of Venetian and Florentine architecture with classic masonry of ashlar, this building has become one of the greatest works of art in the world.

At the time of its opening in 1860, Ferstel Palace was one of the most modern buildings in Vienna, on its first floor there is still the legendary Café Central, the rendezvous of Austrian bohemia.

The most luxurious weddings in Vienna are held in the Liechtenstein Garden Palace, which is still privately owned by the princely family.

This is where you can see the incredible symbiosis of masterpieces of architecture, nature and history. This is a huge operating museum, built in Baroque style in 1711, where one of the largest collections of Rubens, central works by Van Dyck, Lukas Cranach and Raphael, Rembrandt, Van Ruisdael and Hamilton are represented, here is also a huge collection of porcelain and the most expensive furniture the world.

Daun Kinsky Palace on Freyung Square is an outstanding example of high baroque with a magnificent main staircase inside must be visited. The palace is designed in such a way that even a wedding for 30 guests will be comfortable for everyone.

Step 4

This journey does not end there. FIORI took care of everything. The couple will have dinner at the legendary restaurant at the Opera and visit the company’s boutique on one of the main streets of Vienna, where you can collect a beautiful bouquet. The choice is always the result of silence, so the couple will have a quiet evening, be together and carefully arrange impressions. When the dream castle is chosen, FIORI will ask clarifying questions and prepare all that is necessary to create a personalized fairy tale.

Step 5

So it’s time to choose a wedding date. Preparation for it takes up to six months, while practice shows that the experienced FIORI team can handle it in three months. An exciting journey comes to an end, but then a new, even more fascinating one begins. The main difference between a bold wedding and the stereotyped version is that the wedding mood in the first case lasts much longer – from the very moment the bride and groom get on the plane to choose their castle, where the history of their family begins, to the ceremony itself.