New collection of Fiori for kids bouquetsc

Guests of our boutiques often come to us with their children. They come many years in a row, often on the same dates from year to year, and we see their children growing up.

Children are always very sincere, and even when they are silent, we can read a lot on their faces.

We notice how the light comes on in their eyes when the florist Fiori, all in her creative process, creates a bouquet for their mother, grandmother, adult sister. Especially girls.

Therefore, we have created a special children’s collection of bouquets with a gift. So that each girl could get her own flowers, appropriate for her age.

To do this, we have chosen the main words, each of which means something important for the child.

Emotion. The first moment of realization that this is the first bouquet by Fiori, the first solemn gift that you want to enjoy and explore it well.

Joy. Ears stick out of the bouquet! Hare delicate ears that you can touch and feel their softness and mystery!

Surprise. The secret toy is hidden in the bouquet, which means it is definitely worth exploring. A child is a researcher, it is important for him to find a surprise himself.

Soft plush. Flowers in pastel colors with one bright accent are packed in a plush box with bunny ears.

Wow-effect. A child, considering, touching and smelling his flower composition, will definitely find a gift. Each bouquet of kid’s collection includes a LOL doll, but, if desired, you can put another gift in a box.

To create kid’s bouquets, we use only soft and non-dangerous elements and our best live flowers in monochrome style.

The creative Fiori team worked on the collection, trying to give meaning to each gift and make it safe and exciting.

But the main thing is to give each guest the opportunity to open a whole separate world to his child, where art and good taste rule the ball.

Creative idea and design: FIORI Company
Photos: Sonia Plakidyuk
Style: Helen Marlen Group